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Espresso chocolate chip cookies cure all:
  1. What’s the Best Chocolate to Use in Chocolate Chip Cookies?
  2. Caramel Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies
  3. Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies
  4. Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside is all I can ask for. This is my second time making this recipe! They are soooo delicious!

Perfect texture, buttery, chocolatey and addictive! Thanks for the delicious cookie recipe! Unfortunately, the cookie spread out so much it filled the entire cookie sheet : Chilled for ten min. Thank you for this amazing recipe!! I knew yours would be good as we have made other recipes of yours black bean sweet potato tacos are the best.

What’s the Best Chocolate to Use in Chocolate Chip Cookies?

These cookies were delicious and my 21 yo son was enjoying having real tasting chocolate chip cookies for the first time in over a year. I used vegetable shortening Spectrum brand in lieu of the butter or coconut oil. They were fluffy and tasted more buttery. I used the maple syrup and skipped the cinnamon to keep the flavor as close to the top house recipe as possible.

Big win! Hey, my dairy and gf 11 y old daughter has made these twice to great sucess using maple syrup. Tonight she made them with agave. Swears that was her only substitution. The poor cookies not only flattened out to cover the whole pan, but burned in 9 minutes. What could she have missed? Says she chilled dough 20 minutes.

Seem a tad greasy.

Caramel Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Any thoughts on the sweetener substitution? This was a great start to our new egg-free diet little one is very sensitive. Also, added a teeny bit more sea salt. They were pretty flat and soft but really tasty. Hey there, these are baking right now! Just so you know, e coli in cookie dough comes from the flour, not the eggs.

Either way this is still safe, thanks for the recipe. I just made a batch of these to try out the recipe. They came out with a slightly salty taste to me — probably because I used salted butter — so next time I will reduce the salt a little. That may help counteract the salt. They taste insaaaanely good!!! My boyfriend, who only eats gluten free because of me, said that they were better than gluteny chocolate chip cookies.

Definitely making them again, and SOON. Just coming back to say that, due to popular demand, I make these bad boys at least twice a month. My co-workers, my family, and my friends are all obsessed! Thank you again for this amazing recipe :. I should have tried making the regular chocolate chip cookies from this website. These cookies were tasty but too crumbly. It would fall apart when he tried holding one. Did you pack the almond meal and coconut flour very firmly in the cups? These two flours can be tricky.

Let me know if you try it! The syrup or honey not only provides sweetness here, it also helps with the moisture. These cookies exceeded my expectations! I made them with coconut oil instead of butter because I love coconut. I split the batch and made half with dark chocolate and half with white chocolate. Will definitely make these again — thanks! Thanks for sharing and letting me know what you thought.

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I made these cookies last night. Since the batter was a bit dry, I added an egg. Let it sit for 10 mins in the fridge and baked them. They are so soft and wonderful out of the oven. I put them in a tupperware over night and they are still soft. Thanks for the recipe.

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I just made these in Mumbai with a few modifications but the cookies turned out amazing. The cookies spread out in the oven I guess because of no coconut flour but the cookies taste perfect — crunchy on the edges, soft in the center, not too sweet but with a caramelish flavor coming through. Will definitely make this again. I made this recipe, following it exactly. Cookies came out flat and inedible.

Considering several other commenters have had this problem even when following the recipe exactly, you should probably consider revising your recipe. I will not be making anything else from this site. Thanks for your feedback! Hi, Kate. The batter was so thin I added an extra 10g of coconut flour.

I added another 20g of coconut flour and the dough came together like normal cookie dough and spread out when baking like normal dough.

Thanks for these Tollhouse-like cookies. This recipe is so easy my toddler can whip it up with pre-weighed ingredients. So fun. I also waited to put in my chips after the 5 minutes in the fridge as I worried they might melt with the warm ingredients. As a result they were only slightly melted and held their shape in the cookie.

Espresso chocolate chip cookies cure all:

One cookie had me doing a happy dance and singing!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Also they were burning at 9 minutes around the edges because they had thinned out so much. I think the flour amounts and sweetener amounts both need to be adjusted and hopefully an updated recipe can be posted because like I said, the ingredients are great hence the second star. Both the almond flour and coconut flour are supposed to be very firmly packed into the cups, is that how you measured it?

These are sooo good. Recipes like this will definitely make it easier!

Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are a lot of gluten free recipes on the blog, or I typically provide substitutes. I think I undercooked mine slightly, so they never held as a cookie…so we ate them in soft, delicious pieces. Thank you so much!