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Give it a go. View 1 comment. Jan 07, Morgan rated it really liked it. While still compelling, it is a little bit of a let down from the first book. The noir element is lost entirely, sci-fi is minimal and this become merely a fun fantasy story. That's fine, I guess. The writing is actually still quite good, but I felt some of what made the first book special is now stripped away.

That doesn't stop me from wanting to know what happens. This series may feature the most screwed up families in literature. Still good pulpy stuff. Back in the days before Mr. Fogerty inspired Mr. Jordan to expand on his observation that the big wheel keeps on turning, and before Mr. Martin went into the field of meteorology, Roger Zelazny produced this series of five terrific books and thereby offered the fantasy fiction field an alternative to Conan pastiches and Hobbit homages. Amber is the true, real, center of the universe, see, and it's a magical kingdom where the king has gone missing and the nine princes and a handful of princesses Back in the days before Mr.

Amber is the true, real, center of the universe, see, and it's a magical kingdom where the king has gone missing and the nine princes and a handful of princesses are playing the game of thrones, and His writing is descriptive and detailed throughout, the characters are full-blown people the reader understands and knows instantly, and the plot is immensely detailed and carefully paced and presented for the whole five book run, yet they're short books by modern standards How did he do it?

It was magic, obviously. There was a second series of five books with the same setting and some overlapping characters that didn't have quite the same feel, and after his death someone else produced some books that shouldn't have been permitted that I would recommend avoiding, but those first five Amber books are real classics. Some of the slang expressions haven't aged well, particularly in the earlier volumes, and it's a little jarring to read that the main characters all seem to be chain-smokers, but otherwise I think they've held up better than any of their contemporaries.

Jan 31, Anita Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , magic , read Eric has chosen himself to rule in Amber, but Corwyn wants to put a stop to it, and take over the power for himself. Dec 19, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: 3series , 2fiction , fantasy , sword-sorcery , 1paper. I'll start this today at lunch.

It's a re-read, but a wonderful one. It was well worth the re-read. Even knowing basically what happens, it's still a great read. This concentrates on Corwin getting back to his old self after many centuries. Can't wait to start the next book, Sign of the Unicorn. If this is your first time reading this series, I'd highly suggest reading Nine Princes in Amber before this book. The series really should be read in order. Apr 23, Ivana Books Are Magic rated it it was amazing. The story doesn't slow down a bit, but rather it develops purposefully and dives further into the Amber universe.

The plot is well written and there is definite character development on side of Corwin. In the first sequel, Corwin was a charming bastard, a more sophisticated and eloquent version of macho heroes, but in The Guns of Avalon we see a more human side to him. Corwin's i Corwin's inner struggle between his newly developed conscience and his strong obsession with winning the Amber throne was interesting to watch to say the least. The more I think about it, the more I admire the precision of Zelazny's writing. Every novel in his Amber series is so well constructed and paced. They are neither too long nor too short, just the perfect length.

Many fantasy writers could take cue from Zelazny. You don't need to desperately overwrite everything to make a reader so tired he becomes a part of your world out of sheer exhaustion. I mean- leave something to the imagination! Indeed, the novels in the Amber series are really a joy to read.

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Upon rereading, I particularly enjoy seeing not just how all the pieces of the puzzles match but how timely Zelazny brought them into action. Consistent with the other books in the series, The Guns of Avalon is written in first person narration. However, even through Corwin's eye, we get to learn more about other characters.

The dialogues play a huge part in this. They are well written and natural sounding, and that is really important because that's the only time we can actually see those characters speaking for themselves. Otherwise we obviously see them through Corwin's eyes. Some new characters are introduced in this one as well, Dara being the most important and possibly most fascinating of all.

I loved seeing more of Benedict, him being one of my favourite brothers of a highly fascinating and fabulously dysfunctional royal family. Connecting Benedict and Dara was a good move, even if some might find it all a bit incestuous.

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Well, at least this time Corwin didn't swoon over his sister. Interestingly, there is more than one love interest in this novel.

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There are two distinct love episodes, and while one ends soon after it started, the other will be elaborated more in other novels. What else can I say without spoilers? In the Guns of Avalon, you'll see some interesting plot twists, learn more about Corwin's family members and himself , see him and others grow up a bit as a new threat befalls Amber.

They desperately needed to grown up a little bit so that was satisfactory, seeing they can actually come to their senses when there is a real threat to them all. Well, yes. You'll also get to read some wonderfully written shadow walking and get a glimpse of what is to follow. What more could you possibly want?

Really, The Guns of Avalon are just as good as the first book in the series.

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You can see that the author actually took the time to plan out things, rather than improvising and overwriting sequels like so many fantasy author do today. I read Nine Princes in Amber as an adolescent, but it was a few years before I figured out there were sequels. Imagine my joy at discovering so many sequels. I think I was around twenty when I stumbled onto sequels, and I bought them all, despite the rather pricey price even for a hard cover.

Lately, I've been wanting to reread them, but they are all in another city, so until I go there to pick them up, I'll just reminisce about this series a bit. It really is gold, isn't it? I'm happy that I own hard copies of all novel in a series. I've been wanting to buy the complete edition of this series, but for some reason I prefer reading it in this form. I suppose it makes me appreciate them a bit more, reading them on their own. Does that makes any sense?

Instead of a conclusion, I'll leave you with my favourite quote from it, a moment in which Corwin grasps his mortality for the first time It was almost a mystical experience. I do not know how else to put it. My mind outran time as he neared, and it was as though I had an eternity to ponder the approach of this man who was my brother.

His garments were filthy, his face blackened, the stump of his right arm raised, gesturing anywhere. The great beast that he rode was striped, black and red, with a wild red mane and tail. But it really was a horse, and its eyes rolled and there was foam at its mouth and its breathing was painful to hear. I saw then that he wore his blade slung across his back, for its haft protruded high above his right shoulder.

Still slowing, eyes fixed upon me, he departed the road, bearing slightly toward my left, jerked the reins once and released them, keeping control of the horse with his knees. His left hand went up in a salute-like movement that passed above his head and seized the hilt of his weapon. It came free without a sound, describing a beautiful arc above him and coming to rest in a lethal position out from his left shoulder and slanting back, like a single wing of dull steel with a minuscule line of edge that gleamed like a filament of mirror. The picture he presented was burned into my mind with a kind of magnificence, a certain splendor that was strangely moving.

The blade was a long, scythe like affair that I had seen him use before. Only then we had stood as allies against a mutual foe I had begun to believe unbeatable.

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Benedict had proved otherwise that night. Now that I saw it raised against me I was overwhelmed with a sense of my own mortality, which I had never experienced before in this fashion. It was as though a layer had been stripped from the world and I had a sudden, full understanding of death itself.